With a sizzle, but not always a BANG!

Sometimes in life we can be the “match that starts the fire“, but more often than not, we are simply trying to spend each day striking to life every morning. Then trying to burn as brightly as we are able until the match burns out and we return to bed, ready to draw out the next match from its packet tomorrow.

As clumsy as that analogy might be, the question it makes me hover on is; why, in a world where everyone sizzles and burns as bright as they are able, do we only truly celebrate the ‘Bang’ those glorious BIG events or moments that sprinkle into every life? I know I myself have often overlooked the ‘sizzle’ of strength, perseverance and compassion I use to burn through everyday life. And I am a Scorpio, and as a water sign, fire metaphors and comparisons are not the first port of call for me. (yep, puns!) Why do we consider the BANG so highly but appreciating and celebrating the small victories can be so tricky?

So in this post I am going to celebrate some serious sizzle, and enjoy those small moments that make up the day. Starting, with what inspired me to write a post today:

Dropped into my inbox as I settled back down for more CV prepping for an application a blog I follow “Pointless Overthinking” uploaded a post (1). While my initial reason to follow this writer was simply due to their fantastic name, much like my aliases, Unfiltered Thoughts/ Sporadically Thriving it encompassed my emotional default at the moment. That we are all trying to be more conscious of our thoughts and feelings that everything is been held within, analysed, considered, carefully explored from beginning to end. So despite the digital realm being somewhere that is both the best and worst of us, this blank space can and should be used to immerse oneself into their unrestricted thoughts. As Tom Hiddleston once said, Everyone’s voice is worth hearing (2). And yep I have monkey brained again (see my first post for the official dictionary (My family’s dictionary anyway) of this very scientific term!) Where was I?

Ahh yes, the brilliant post by Pointless Overthinking, I read it with gusto and didn’t even pause to grab a cuppa before jumping into the edit post area of my own blog to virtually sing the praises of this short but interesting article. As a publishing hopeful and a HUGE fan of storytelling, imagination and writing I was instantly interested in the article thanks to a quotes about the idea that a writing is a rewarding use of ones time. Something I wholeheartedly agree with. Even if you never publish the words, never read them again or even leave a sentence hanging in the abyss of half written; the simple act of taking that tumbling, never ceasing internal monologue, we all know goes on inside our minds can free your emotions and feelings for a moment. Whether it gives you some inner silence, relief, or the thousand other feelings writing or speaking aloud the thoughts in your head can provide.

The blog goes on to use some very thoughtful and interesting quotes. I particularly enjoy the spirit of inspiration as I still struggle to write when “writers block” bites me on the fingers! The post also shares a snippet of the wider writing work world – we love a bit of alliteration – which feeds into my sizzle analogy just nicely **chefs kisses for synergy**

I am talking of the act of proofing, self editing. Both in life and in a writing capacity. I myself am attempting to enter into the world of typesetting (post another day to expand on this), but the art and skill of editing a project is built over time, and something that is constantly evolving. How does this relate to sizzling day to day life I hear you question, very loudly inside your mind – or even verbally at your screen – well I shall explain my perspective.

In everyday life, you make hundreds of tiny decisions. “Should I wear this top or this shirt? Do I want toast, cereal or just a LARGE coffee this morning? Shall I workout today or am I just going to walk to the corner shop for milk and pretend that’s exercise?(this was 100% me today!)”
Moment by moment, situation by situation, you make choices and discard options until you have completed a day in your life and you fall into bed, ready to sleep and reboot to do it all again. This is what I have hurriedly nicknamed “life editing” and much like traditional editing, it cannot begin without the draft, complete or partially finished, the ability to edit or proof something requires you to HAVE something to work upon. However, as you make choice after choice, you have edited down your options into a cohesive, logical story that gets you from the first page of your day to the last. Unless of course someone takes a BANG or 2nd match to the day. . . but that is an analogy that cannot be unpacked in this post.

Editing or proofing skills require work, upkeep and to find that BANG where the novel or document is ready to be shared with the world, you are going to need to put in the work. You are going to have to embrace the many many sizzling moments where the match of inspiration and ideas glow and burn but will fade out until you light up again. It is our job to reach for that next match and keep relighting that sizzle. Life is similar, editing cannot begin with out the draft and if you are to truly enjoy the BANG we must first embrace and nurture the sizzle, good or bad, small or big, the sizzle is the foundation for what will eventually be the story our life becomes.

Until the next Unfiltered Thoughts meet this digital page, tallyho for now!

(1) https://pointlessoverthinking.com/2021/06/30/calling-all-writers-assemble/#like-7340
(2) https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/61536/13-awesome-and-inspiring-tom-hiddleston-quotes

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